Our History

Six generations have followed one another,
always loyal to the ancient values handed down over the centuries.

The foundation

The Bondolfi Company was founded in 1855, when Pietro Bondolfi, moved to Rome from Poschiavo, Switzerland, and opened a small shop in Via Baccina, in the center of the Eternal City.

The growth

It was Edoardo Bondolfi, grandson of Pietro, who in the early post-war years transformed the small roasting laboratory into one of the major coffee realities of central Italy.


After him, Gianfranco and his 3 daughters, Pamela, Lucilla and Carola, contributed to establishing the company in Italy, as well as the opening of the first foreign markets. Today, more than 160 years after the foundation, Edoardo and Tommaso lead the Company with passion and determination.

The future

Research, commitment and passion. Bondolfi Boncaffè is constantly working to renew its products, using state-of-the-art machinery and striving to spread the culture of coffee in Italy and around the world, always looking into the future.