Rome's coffee

A history of
over 160 years

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A passion
handed down for
6 generations

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The espresso loved
in many countries
around the world

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Our coffees

Research, commitment, and passion: these are the ingredients of every cup, whether prepared at home or enjoyed at the bar.
We commit to create expertly combined blends to satisfy the palates of true coffee lovers.

Coffee Beans

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Grinded Coffee

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Coffee Capsules

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We express our passion for coffee and its culture through our knowledge of the product. We constantly work to convey all its aspects to our customers: from the methods of selection and processing to the ways in which we serve coffee.

Selected Bondolfi

From the aroma and scent of coffee come products designed and selected to give you a unique and complete experience.

Bondolfi around the world

Bondolfi Boncaffè is a brand present in 15 countries around the world. Since November 2014, we have already opened 6 franchise stores in Japan.

We have always tried to promote the culture of true Italian espresso and to ambassadors of and the authentic Made in Italy.

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