Grinded Coffee

After years of testing and analysis, we decided to pack our range of ground coffee with an eco-sustainable and technological packaging.

The classic vacuum “tile” that everyone knows, could no longer fully satisfy our team. quality standards. Not everyone knows that, in order to be able to pack the coffee in this way, it must be ground, degassed for 48/72 hours and then packed. This process is necessary because, after roasting, the beans naturally release gases that would inflate the package. In this way, however, all the aromas and flavors are dispersed.

Through our exclusive aroma-saving valve we have therefore created the special “push & taste” package. Through this futuristic solution the coffee, after roasting, is ground and packaged after a few moments, so as to keep the aromas of our blends alive and intact up to your home.

Seeing is believing!

Caffè Macinato


Mixture composed of a careful selection of the best coffees from Brazil and Colombia.
The marked floral note inebriates the smell, while cocoa, honey and toasted bread pervade the palate.


100% Arabica


Brasile & Colombia


The aromas of fine South American Arabica, skilfully blended with Indonesian full-bodied Robusta, generate a rich and persistent extract with marked hints of bitter chocolate and hazelnut.


70% Arabica, 30% Indonesia


South America & Asia


For all those who never want to deprive themselves of a Boncaffè at any time of the day.
The coffee, before roasting, was subjected to natural water decaffeination without using chemicals


80% Arabica, 20% Robusta


South America & Indonesia