The Company

Since the beginning, the key points of the “Torrefazione Bondolfi”
are: the Product and the Customer.

The constant search for new single origins brings our horizons ever further. We try to reach the most remote regions of the globe to find special coffees, cultivated with respect for the environment and local populations.
We continuously improve our mixtures aspiring to achieve the “perfect coffee”.

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In order to pursue these objectives, we never cease to understand the needs of the market, trying to evolve and adapt the products to the demands of our esteemed clientele, every day more extensive and

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In early 2018 we also completed the work on the new and modern production plant. Always at the forefront of the most modern technologies, we proceed by following the ancient methods handed down: by roasting each single origin separately, then proceeding to the mixing. This slow and meticulous process enhances all the physical and organoleptic qualities of the selected coffees.

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