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Bondolfi Boncaffè coffee beans


Created by the inspiration of Edoardo Bondolfi in the early 1900s, this blend of the highest quality represents what, for us at Bondolfi, is the purest essence of true Italian Espresso.
9 different single origins, wisely combined to give a true sensory experience.
Composed of 70% of the rarest Arabica coffee from: Brazil, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Jamaica and India, which give it a floral bouquet, with marked hints of fruit; and 30% by two Robust Indonesian, which with their sweetness give a lingering cocoa and caramel aftertaste, is our most beloved blend in Rome.

70% Arabica, 30% Robusta
Sudamerica, Africa & Asia


This blend, favored by the demanding Japanese market, comes scrupulously produced by selecting only the best coffees from the most rare and exclusive plantations in the world.
For all those who do not stop to drink only “a coffee” but who are looking for a flavor and aroma never found before.
Central American washed Arabica beans give it a slight acidity while Africans and Colombians give it an incredible olfactory intensity. Thus a soft and rich coffee on the palate is born, with the typical hint of toast, honey and cocoa

80% Arabica, 20% Robusta
Central America, Africa & Colombia
Coffee beans Bonelite
Aroma Bar Coffee beans

Aroma Bar

This blend, with a sweet and persistent taste, is characterized by a perfect organoleptic balance given by a wise and balanced combination of Central and South American Arabica and Robusta from Indonesians and Indians. The single origins used are carefully selected to obtain a round and velvety Espresso, with hints of honey, perfectly balanced and with an intense and enveloping aroma.

60% Arabica, 40% Robusta
Central, South America & India, Indonesia


Very versatile blend, made up of some of the best Robusta existing in the world that give it an intense cream and an excellent body structure. Sophisticated Arabica from South America and central Africa, specially blended, give the Espresso an enveloping roundness and sweetness. The aroma is rich, with delicate fruity notes that match the intense and decisive flavor and the persistent malty aftertaste

50% Arabica, 50% Robusta
South America & Central Africa
Silverbon Coffee beans
Orange Blend Coffee beans

Orange Blend

Particularly suitable mixture for the preparation of an Espresso strong and creamy. The majority of natural Robusta coming from South East Asia and Central Africa give it intense aromas of wood and toasted. The body is intense and enveloping with a sweet and persistent aftertaste.

15% Arabica, 85% Robusta
America, Africa & Asia


Five different qualities of Robusta from 3 continents are carefully selected to compose this very structured mixture, with a strong and decisive character. The cream in the cup is tall and thick, with malty hints of chocolate and toasted bread that accompany the overwhelming and persistent palate. Soft natural Arabica from Central America, chosen methodically, enrich Espresso with aromas of red fruits and honey

30% Arabica, 70% Robusta
America, Africa & Asia
Goldbon Coffee beans
Decaffeineted Coffee beans


Our Boncaffè Decaffeinato is obtained through a process of natural water decaffeination that eliminates caffeine, naturally existing in the coffee beans, keeping unchanged the organoleptic characteristics of the precious origins used.
Dedicated to all those who do not want to give up the pleasure of a real Espresso at any time of the day.

65% Arabica, 35% Robusta
South America & Indonesia

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