Bondolfi around the world

Constant research, knowledge and passion allow us to offer you high quality products.

The varieties of coffee beans that we have carefully selected for you come from plantations located in different countries, such as:

Ethiopia, Brazil, Hawaii, India, Congo, Guatemala, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Vietnam, Jamaica, Cuba.

Each plantation produces a different type of coffee according to the type of crop that thrives in that climate. The most widespread and appreciated are the Arabica and Robusta quality coffees.

After being harvested, the coffee undergoes an initial processing and selection. Once inside the Bondolfi roasting plant, chemical-physical analyses are carried out in order to prefer and process only the best beans. Once roasted and ripe, the product is ready to cheer your days with taste and flavour.

From 1855 to the present day, the Bondolfi stores rapidly established their reputation in Rome and expanded to foreign markets, bringing along the taste of the made in Italy.

Since 1855 the Bondolfi Boncaffè roasting company has been active in the Roman and Lazio territory.

We count with two locations, respectively in via di Porta Cavalleggeri, 99 – near the dome of St. Peter’s – and in viale di Castellammare, 42 – in the heart of Fregene, a renowned seaside resort on the Roman coast.

Since 2014 we have opened 4 stores in Japan and we are constantly working to promote the Bondolfi Boncaffè format and the culture of real Italian espresso around the world.

Over the years, Bondolfi Boncaffè has created a wide and established network with many places united by the desire to achieve a single goal: to serve the true Italian quality espresso. In order to do this, it is important to take care of the training and diffusion of coffee culture, especially within the premises that will serve it to the end customer. This is made possible by paying the utmost attention to all stages of the supply chain.